Heavy Rain and Beyond Collection

I did not get to play these games during the last generation of the console because I never had any Sony Playstation console.

Frankly, I did not hear of these games until I received a newsletter about new releases but did not read any reviews until after I finished the games. I like to think that I know good games when I see them and my instincts were right!

BEYOND: Two Souls was the first game played. It is similar to Telltale games where the player makes decisions that will affect how the story plays out. Not to mention that the graphics are beautiful. It is very much like a movie starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. It was a great immersive experience.

Heavy Rain was advertised as a psychological crime thriller. Admittingly, I felt the spectrum of emotions during gameplay. The complaint that I have are graphic glitches such as when the game first loaded. It felt seizure-inducing. Some of the cutscenes were missing elements. After restarting the console, there did not seem to be much of a problem anymore.

The bundle is a worthwhile purchase.