Tech Armor Apple iPhone 6 Clear Screen Protectors

I have installed screen protectors for myself and friends/family. Perhaps I should charge fees for installation!

I liked that other than the microfiber cloth, it also had dust removal tape and the squeegee (but I didn’t need it). However, I still preferred using a credit card to smooth out the bubbles since it is wider.

Of course, the company’s installation guide is below:


Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful

I enjoyed the album a lot. Floor Jansen’s vocals really work well. Of course, the composition of Tuomas Holopainen does not disappoint.

My favourite tracks so far are 1) Shudder Before the Beautiful, 4) Yours is an Empty Hope, and 11) The Greatest Show on Earth.

The first single Elan is not bad at all. The music video brought a smile, as Mr. Holopainen intended.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do!

Halestorm – Apocalyptic

I enjoyed their first single and I expect more variety on the full album of course.

I cannot help but pay attention to the drumming in the music video. No Lzzy does not hog all the screen time :p

The upcoming album, Into the Wild Life, will be available on April 7 for North America.

In This Moment – Black Widow

I like the look of the album cover. Reminds me of a hero from comics!

Click on the image above for album information.

As the band announced, this album is picking up where Blood left off. It’s funny how people complain when bands repeat the same sound or when the band experiments with a different sound. Anyway, back to the album.

Overall, it’s a fun album for listening. My favourite track is “Dirty Pretty.”
The single “Sick Like Me” is one of my top favourites as well, surprisingly.

Cue the emotions when I listened to “The Fighter” and I really liked Brink’s vocals.

I felt a little more emotional when I heard “Out of Hell” and I knew I would as soon as I heard the piano.

Quite the musical experience 🙂

Graze Subscription Box Review

So it seems that subscription boxes are common and there are many different sorts when I searched on Google. I noticed that I seldom buy snacks anymore. I get bored easily as well and I certainly love the variety that Graze has.


All gone…

I was going to show the snacks I received but my family ate them after delivery. I need to get some snacks in bulk.

The site is user friendly and customizable to individual needs. I got those 4 snacks (above). Prior to shipment, I can rate the snacks I’d like. 3 of the snacks were ones I either liked or loved. The banana caramel dippers is the snack that I clicked as “try.” Needless to say, it’s easy to trash it so that I never get sent the item again after I tried it.

If there are any dietary restrictions or allergies, it’s simple to indicate.

The box is $6.99 a month and you can choose how often you want it delivered. The default option is every 2 weeks but you can adjust it however you want.

As much as I love cooking and baking, I do not have the time to make snacks! If you would like to try a free box, click on the following link:

Ranting of an eBay Seller: Shipping & Handling


Click above to visit my eBay!

There is a difference between “shipping” and “delivering.” The process of the shipping is explained below. However, the delivering part is done by another company (i.e. USPS, FedEx, UPS) because I cannot afford drones to drop off your parcels yet.

When it comes to S&H, I take 1 business day. By business day, I mean Monday through Friday excluding holidays. I’m not sure if some of you have noticed but I typically end my auctions on Friday or Saturday night. Even if I receive payment the second the auction ends, I cannot ship it. In case some of you don’t know, here are the USPS postal holidays:
postal holidays

Most people opt for the free shipping with the carrier USPS. Who is going to pay for UPS or FedEx? Those are the additional options but eBay buyers tend to go for the cheapest route. All of my listings offer free standard shipping:
Free S&H
The perks is that I get an automatic 5 Stars in the shipping category 🙂

You are probably wondering, “When are orders shipped?” The following business day, which would be Monday. My local post office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. Not to mention it is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

To summarize, no I do not have a life because I work on eBay during the weekend. Sunday nights and sometimes Monday, I pack the items by myself. I’m such a great 1-person team!

Amy Lee – Aftermath

For those who misunderstand, this is a soundtrack for the movie War Story. It’s great that Lee ventured into side projects to musically express herself more. Scoring a film is not easy but when is work ever easy?

My favourite tracks are 5) Between Worlds, 8) Voice in My Head, and 9) Lockdown.

Beautiful and emotionally evoking soundtrack overall.