Tarja – Ave Maria – En Plein Air

I enjoy listening to classical music and I was elated to hear Tarja!

Since classical music was her initial endeavor, it is only fitting that she’d sing what she loves! The album features pieces from different composers. Listen to the first track below:

Her voice is just stunning. The album is a great experience 🙂


Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful

I enjoyed the album a lot. Floor Jansen’s vocals really work well. Of course, the composition of Tuomas Holopainen does not disappoint.

My favourite tracks so far are 1) Shudder Before the Beautiful, 4) Yours is an Empty Hope, and 11) The Greatest Show on Earth.

The first single Elan is not bad at all. The music video brought a smile, as Mr. Holopainen intended.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do!

Halestorm – Apocalyptic

I enjoyed their first single and I expect more variety on the full album of course.

I cannot help but pay attention to the drumming in the music video. No Lzzy does not hog all the screen time :p

The upcoming album, Into the Wild Life, will be available on April 7 for North America.

In This Moment – Black Widow

I like the look of the album cover. Reminds me of a hero from comics!

Click on the image above for album information.

As the band announced, this album is picking up where Blood left off. It’s funny how people complain when bands repeat the same sound or when the band experiments with a different sound. Anyway, back to the album.

Overall, it’s a fun album for listening. My favourite track is “Dirty Pretty.”
The single “Sick Like Me” is one of my top favourites as well, surprisingly.

Cue the emotions when I listened to “The Fighter” and I really liked Brink’s vocals.

I felt a little more emotional when I heard “Out of Hell” and I knew I would as soon as I heard the piano.

Quite the musical experience 🙂

Amy Lee – Aftermath

For those who misunderstand, this is a soundtrack for the movie War Story. It’s great that Lee ventured into side projects to musically express herself more. Scoring a film is not easy but when is work ever easy?

My favourite tracks are 5) Between Worlds, 8) Voice in My Head, and 9) Lockdown.

Beautiful and emotionally evoking soundtrack overall.

Within Temptation – Hydra

I am glad I was able to listen to the stream on iTunes Radio. I love it!

My favourites would be Let Us Burn, Edge of the World, Silver Moonlight, Dog Days, and Tell Me Why. For the song And We Run, it was an unexpected combination. I would have never thought of trying to mix European rock with American rap but it’s not bad. Of the singles, I loved Sharon and Tarja singing together in Paradise.

I bought the boxed set, which has an instrumental CD of tracks 1 through 10. The Whole World Is Watching would be a touching song to sing (karaoke night comes to mind). I did not care too much for cover songs, as I already had the album (Q Music). Overall, fantastic album with great vocals.

The standard version and several others are still available on Amazon for pre-order in USA. What are you waiting for?


And check out the making-of videos!
Part 1

Part 2

Within Temptation – Whole World Is Watching

The scenes show a story that goes along with the lyrics. It’s a nice duet and it gives an inspirational feeling; a beautiful music video.

Dave Pirner

Piotr Rogucki

A great live acoustic version here.

A live session on the Q!

Have you pre-ordered Hydra yet?