Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Basic Makeup Application Routine for READY

Technique and tools are very important for achieving a good look. I am mainly to talking about how to use the READY products. The loose items are for comparison.

All product/stock photos belong to Bare Escentuals. If you are interested in any limited edition makeup items, check out my eBay page here!

Original Primer

Neutralizing Primer

Always prepare your face with a primer. It will make a smooth canvas for a flawless application. I put 1 pump on my fingers, then rub it together with my other hand to warm it up (helps absorb faster). The Original Primer is clear and light, whereas the Neutralizing has a yellow base to help mute the redness on the face. The Neutralizing has a different texture so be sure to massage it into the skin well. After the primer is dry, you are ready for READY!

R230 Light

Golden Fair

Never walk around with the wrong foundation; ask for a shade match to be certain. In the Original (loose powder), I was Golden Fair. For the new pressed powder, people might have to go up a shade or two. In the boutique, I was color-matched to Light in READY.  The pressed powder provides a lot more coverage than ever before and you cannot build on it or it will get cakey. As I mentioned before, the tool is also important.

Soft Focus


I use the Soft Focus Face Brush to tap the foundation, tap off excess, and gently pat it on my face. I start on the outside of my face, then inside, coming back on my cheeks since I want a little more coverage there. I put some foundation down my neck a little as well to help the colour of my face transition well to the rest of my body. When I am done, I use the Precision Face Brush, without product, and gently buff my face for that airbrushed look. And yes, both brushes are soft and feels good on the face!

Light 2

Summer Bisque

Time for a concealer to get the spots that the foundation did not. My skin is more golden so I was using Summer Bisque (loose powder). The new concealer though, I am using Light 2. I like the creamy texture of it but I have to be careful not to overuse the product. Of course, we cannot forget the tools.

Maximum Coverage Concealer

Precision Concealer

Using the Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, I tap a little Light 2 and pat it on the areas that need to be concealed. Don’t smear it on, but more of a “stamping” motion on the face. I get a little red around my nose so I use the smaller one called the Precision Concealer Brush to get the lines.

READY Touch Up Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Hydrating Mineral Veil

Next is the finishing powder. I currently use 3 kinds. 2 of them are in the READY (pressed powder) in Translucent and Illuminating (limited edition). For the loose Mineral Veil, I use Hydrating to help with my dry skin.  (Quick tip: those with oily skin can brush mineral veil before foundation). When I am at home, I use the Hydrating Mineral Veil. When I am mobile, I would take my READY compact with me.  Note that both Hydrating and Illuminating gives a subtle glowy finish while Translucent gives a softened look. Now which brushes to use?

Flawless Application

Retractable Precision

I use the Flawless Application Face Brush to apply the any of the veils. Get some product, tap off excess. Starting on 1 side of the face, I start on my forehead, sweep to my cheeks, then back out to the jawline, almost like writing a 3. Then again on the opposite side. I get a little oily in the T-zone so I get a little more product and sweep on my forehead and down to my nose. When I am out of the house, I bring my Retractable Precision Face Brush to compliment my READY compact.

Skinny Dip


To boost my complexion, I use the READY Bronzer in The Skinny Dip or the All-over Face Color in Warmth (loose powder). Using another Flawless Application Brush, get the product and tap off excess. I brush the product on my cheekbone, on the sides of the nose, and a little on the nose tip. Be careful not to get too much product. It’s better to get a little, and build upon it.



What is more important that a Bronzer? The Blush! Do not forget the blush! It is fine to opt out of the Bronzer or Warmth. As Leslie mentioned once, people look more livelier with blush (yes I’m paraphrasing). In the READY Blush, I love using The Aphrodisiac, a peachy coral that is good for any skin tone. When I was using the loose powder, I had Kiss, a pink shimmer.

Tapered Blush

Angled Blush

Using the Tapered Blush Brush, I take some product, tap off excess, and in small circles, buff upon the apples of my cheek. If there is not enough colour, I can always go back and put a little more. If it gets too dark, the Mineral Veil can help soften the colour again. Another brush you can use is the Angled Blush Brush but I prefer the Tapered one.

Lash Dom

Lock & Coated

If I do not want to put on makeup on my eyes, I will at least apply mascara. My new favourite is the Lash Domination 10-in-1 Volumizing Mascara. If it will be a long day or if I’m going to be near the water, I will coat my lashes with Lock & Coated Waterproof Lash Topcoat.

Sure Thing

Cleary the One

Another item I will not leave behind is my Jack of All Trades Lip Balm. I prefer Sure Thing, a sheer plum colour. Or if you don’t want any hint of colour at all, then Cleary the One would clearly be for you.

That would be my basic daily routine! Ever since the READY line came out, it has down my makeup application time.


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