I must admit that I am a makeup addict. I was upgraded to VIB Rouge for Sephora when the new tier launched. That is for spending at least $1000.00 USD in a calender year. Imagine that on makeup alone!

My other hobby is gaming on the computer on consoles. I played a lot of FPS (first person shooter), strategy games such as Starcraft/Starcraft II and Warcraft III. For the past 6-7 years, I played World of Warcraft. When I do play on the console, I often play a lot of Nintendo games. I did not really care for a Playstation or Xbox. But I must say that the graphics for the Sony Playstation 3 are far better than the Nintendo Wii of course.

Besides those interests, I love art and music. I enjoy using strips of paper to make hearts and stars (pictures on Facebook page). I did photography for a short while but I would love to do more.

In the kitchen, I enjoy making dessert more than cooking meals. I succumb to boredom easily so I find ways to keep myself occupied. Does it sound like I do too much?

I own all the rights to the photos in Artistic Creations category.
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