First World Problems

It has been about a year since I have moved to another country. I left behind family, friends, and most of my possessions. Moving is definitely expensive and I am still paying the price for it. The list is not in any order of preference, by the way.

There are luxuries that I miss having:

1) Kitchen
That is the major reason as to why I haven’t been updating my kitchen blog lately. My new best friend is the microwave. Cheers to minimalist cooking!

2) Access to a personal vehicle
Whether it is snowing, raining, humid, or hot, I walk everywhere. On grocery days, I take a taxi back. I have been “yelled” at a few times for not informing the driver beforehand, that I am paying by Visa credit card.

3) Cash
One of the reasons that I get yelled at by cabbies. Change is a somewhat harder to come by for laundry.

4) Personal laundry machine and dryer
I know that I do not look “disabled” but my wrist injury makes it a tad difficult to transport my clothes to a facility.

5) Access to high-end mall
I get most of my makeup, skincare, and clothes from my favourite mall. The nearest Sephora is 2 hours away, but they don’t sell my brand on skincare items online and in store. Clothes are easier to change while makeup and skincare is not very agreeable with my sensitive skin.

6) Working from home
I miss making money from an online business. Also, I have considered an at-home baking business for items such as cake pops, chocolate-dipped fruits, and/or cookies. However, where I am currently living, the regulations are different and I don’t have a kitchen.

I miss the huge selection and deals from the site. It is not the same where I am currently living.

8) Inexpensive shipping rates
I have considered moving my online business with me but the rates are just too much. Nobody wants to pay $4 for an item plus $10 for standard shipping. In order to comply with eBay’s policy, I have to have tracked shipping in order to receive certain benefits. Hence, my online business is not viable at where I am currently living.

9) Desk and chair
No worries, I have a bed tray that doubles as my laptop tray!

10) Gaming desktop computer
I like a having an efficiently running computer. At least I can still play Hearthstone on my laptop, tablet, and cell phone.

Looking at the list, I miss having a fully equipped kitchen the most. In case anyone is wondering, yes I do miss my family and friends but that’s a list for another day.


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