Rant: People Trying to Convert Me

All I ask is that you have an open mind. I am not arguing or trying to convert anyone. If you would please hear me out:

After attempts of people trying to convert me to a religion without asking about my beliefs, it is correct to say that I am not “religious” but I do have an ideology. Not to mention I am an atheist. I have not been called a heathen yet though people can call me whatever they want!

I agree with the philosophy of Buddhism. It is not technically a religion because Buddha is not worshipped as a god but instead, he is greatly respected as a teacher.

I am NOT imposing my beliefs on anyone. In fact, I have studied/learned about different religions and ideologies during my years of formal education. Below is an article that gives the gist of Buddhism. Again, I am NOT converting but educating:

Basic Buddhism Guide


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