Lactose Shield

Many people do not know that I am lactose-intolerant (different from a dairy allergy). I never thought it was relevant to mention that to family and friends for the longest time because I felt that my dietary restriction was an inconvenience.

Unfortunately for me, I suffer from a rare side effect, nausea. It is not easy to avoid products since many have milk ingredients in them. I actively avoid products to reduce my symptoms.

Luckily, my search on Amazon lead me to this supplement. My lactose-intolerance is not severe so I usually take 1 pill a day. I bring some with me when I go out in case I need more. If I eat and I feel the oncoming symptoms, taking another pill usually works for me.

Heavy Rain and Beyond Collection

I did not get to play these games during the last generation of the console because I never had any Sony Playstation console.

Frankly, I did not hear of these games until I received a newsletter about new releases but did not read any reviews until after I finished the games. I like to think that I know good games when I see them and my instincts were right!

BEYOND: Two Souls was the first game played. It is similar to Telltale games where the player makes decisions that will affect how the story plays out. Not to mention that the graphics are beautiful. It is very much like a movie starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. It was a great immersive experience.

Heavy Rain was advertised as a psychological crime thriller. Admittingly, I felt the spectrum of emotions during gameplay. The complaint that I have are graphic glitches such as when the game first loaded. It felt seizure-inducing. Some of the cutscenes were missing elements. After restarting the console, there did not seem to be much of a problem anymore.

The bundle is a worthwhile purchase.

First World Problems

It has been about a year since I have moved to another country. I left behind family, friends, and most of my possessions. Moving is definitely expensive and I am still paying the price for it. The list is not in any order of preference, by the way.

There are luxuries that I miss having:

1) Kitchen
That is the major reason as to why I haven’t been updating my kitchen blog lately. My new best friend is the microwave. Cheers to minimalist cooking!

2) Access to a personal vehicle
Whether it is snowing, raining, humid, or hot, I walk everywhere. On grocery days, I take a taxi back. I have been “yelled” at a few times for not informing the driver beforehand, that I am paying by Visa credit card.

3) Cash
One of the reasons that I get yelled at by cabbies. Change is a somewhat harder to come by for laundry.

4) Personal laundry machine and dryer
I know that I do not look “disabled” but my wrist injury makes it a tad difficult to transport my clothes to a facility.

5) Access to high-end mall
I get most of my makeup, skincare, and clothes from my favourite mall. The nearest Sephora is 2 hours away, but they don’t sell my brand on skincare items online and in store. Clothes are easier to change while makeup and skincare is not very agreeable with my sensitive skin.

6) Working from home
I miss making money from an online business. Also, I have considered an at-home baking business for items such as cake pops, chocolate-dipped fruits, and/or cookies. However, where I am currently living, the regulations are different and I don’t have a kitchen.

I miss the huge selection and deals from the site. It is not the same where I am currently living.

8) Inexpensive shipping rates
I have considered moving my online business with me but the rates are just too much. Nobody wants to pay $4 for an item plus $10 for standard shipping. In order to comply with eBay’s policy, I have to have tracked shipping in order to receive certain benefits. Hence, my online business is not viable at where I am currently living.

9) Desk and chair
No worries, I have a bed tray that doubles as my laptop tray!

10) Gaming desktop computer
I like a having an efficiently running computer. At least I can still play Hearthstone on my laptop, tablet, and cell phone.

Looking at the list, I miss having a fully equipped kitchen the most. In case anyone is wondering, yes I do miss my family and friends but that’s a list for another day.

Rant: People Trying to Convert Me

All I ask is that you have an open mind. I am not arguing or trying to convert anyone. If you would please hear me out:

After attempts of people trying to convert me to a religion without asking about my beliefs, it is correct to say that I am not “religious” but I do have an ideology. Not to mention I am an atheist. I have not been called a heathen yet though people can call me whatever they want!

I agree with the philosophy of Buddhism. It is not technically a religion because Buddha is not worshipped as a god but instead, he is greatly respected as a teacher.

I am NOT imposing my beliefs on anyone. In fact, I have studied/learned about different religions and ideologies during my years of formal education. Below is an article that gives the gist of Buddhism. Again, I am NOT converting but educating:

Basic Buddhism Guide

Tarja – Ave Maria – En Plein Air

I enjoy listening to classical music and I was elated to hear Tarja!

Since classical music was her initial endeavor, it is only fitting that she’d sing what she loves! The album features pieces from different composers. Listen to the first track below:

Her voice is just stunning. The album is a great experience 🙂

Razer Nabu 2015 Review for iOS Experience

I would have received my smartband earlier but the landlord/lady claimed that I was not home, even though I was all day 😦

It has been a week and I am satisfied with how well it works with my iPhone. The question is, does it do everything it claimed to do? So far, yes! By the way, I am not posting too many pictures because the official website already has it covered. Onward to the review…

I am a petite lady so the small/medium size feels like a bangle to me which is fine. There are 2 interchangeable clasps that comes with it.

After turning on the bluetooth on my phone and installing the official app that is specified for the Nabu (not the Nabu X), it was easy to pair it so long as my smartband was far enough away from my significant other’s Nabu. It’s simply typing in a 4 digit PIN to pair, as opposed to the serial number from the last batch.

The Nabu gets out of range around 15 feet from the phone but it usually reconnects without a problem. When it does not re-connect, I go to settings > Bluetooth and select the Nabu from the Bluetooth list. Then I go back to the app and see if it syncs.

In the app, there are a few settings you can customise. I noticed there was an option for left/right wrist placement. I selected left so the button on the Nabu is facing downwards. My default first screen is the time followed by steps, distance walked, calories burnt. You can customise whether or not you want it shown via the app. The screen brightness can also be adjusted. I opted for the lowest setting because the brightness did not seem much different.

There are 4 vibration settings and the default is set to medium. For the iOS version, the notification from apps are actually through the iOS settings. The Android version is customisable in the Nabu app itself. To dismiss the notification, I chose the “shake device” method which is convenient but also slightly annoying. I feel like I have to shake twice firmly in order to dismiss the notification. Perhaps there is a secret method that I have not discovered yet.

What I also like is that I can set alarms and the vibration will wake me.

Yes it works as a fitness tracker and sleep tracker. In the app you can start a sleep session but I do not bother as the Nabu automatically does it for you. Fitness tracking includes steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, and active minutes.

According to the manual, it takes about 90 minutes to fully charge and it did. As for the charging cable, Razer acted like Apple and made a proprietary cable this time.

As for the battery life, it actually did last about 6 days for me

There are firmware updates for the Nabu but the app fails to notify me. I have to manually check it and there have been 2 firmware updates so far during the first week.

I wish I could display the battery life on the Nabu but I have to go into the app itself or I could swipe down on my iPhone.

For the price, it is a great value for a smartband with a display screen and notification capabilities. If you would like a more Jawbone-like experience for a cheaper price though, the Nabu X would be my recommendation.

Review for Android experience coming soon!